New and improved for Autumn 2011 Toasty Manchester Save on insulation and energy bills

Get Me Toasty has improved its offer, and is now offering loft and cavity wall insulation completely FREE* to more residents than ever before. In some areas, there's even funding for unexpected costs such as scaffolding as well as subsidies for loft clearances - do give us a call to find out more!

Loft and cavity wall insulation is just like wrapping up your home in a big woolly blanket. And because of the extra warmth you’re keeping in the house, you can turn your heating down and save money on your bills.

If you own or privately rent your home, you are entitled to free loft and cavity wall insulation*.

Click the area where you live below and find out everything you need to know.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to survey and funding availability. Offer based on an averaged sized three bedroom semi-detached house with less than 60mm of existing loft insulation in place. Some boroughs now have funding for loft top-up - please call for details.